This can be a bit of a controversial topic.  The reason is, there are a lot of different perspectives on this, which can be very personal.  However, healthy discussion is good.  Sometimes, as working singers & musicians we get stuck in our tunnel vision and don’t spend enough time exploring and discussing these topics.  You might be thinking,”Wait, what? How can doing what I love be counter productive?”  Well, it’s not.  Not always.  Especially for newbies
So, you want to be a performing & recording artist?  Well, guess what?  Your social media account is your new “EPK.”  If you want a separate account under a name you are NOT “professionally known as,” then make one, set it to private, invite your family and closest friends to follow, and have a blast posting random food pics and vacation selfies, and set THAT to private.  (Why in the world would anyone wanting to
Passion + calling both stem from a strong feeling about something.  However, understanding the difference between the two can really help you achieve your goals.  Remember, it’s not enough to feel a certain way about something.  It won’t convert into an accomplished goal without getting a result.  That’s why it’s important, when working on your success mindset in the music business, to understand how your passion and calling aren’t always the same, and that’s OK.
Our team has either made their own mistakes on their journey to success, or have seen many of the same ones be made over and over again.  It was hard to narrow down, but here, in very “straight-talk” form, are 3 KEY REASONS WHY YOUR MUSIC CAREER FEELS “STUCK”: #3 YOU’RE EXPECTING A HANDOUT. The most common concerns artists usually have are that they don’t have money, access to the “right people,” and no one wants to “help”
The vast reach potential of the internet is a powerful tool for young artists. However, it can also be daunting to think of new ways to be discovered by music lovers among the many million other aspiring talents showcasing themselves online. Covering current hit songs can be a great tool, but, even then, there are so MANY versions out there. Now, you may have dabbled in the cover version trend, but didn’t quite understand how
Royalties are the money you earn from the sale or usage of your work. How to collect this money can seem really daunting. You’ll come across a few different organizations that do this for you. Now, the money collected from actual sales (whether it be a hardcopy version or digital version) is one thing. (and for digital streaming, see SoundExchange) However, the monitoring of the money earned from the acquired rights to perform or broadcast


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    This was a great post and very helpful. Sometimes we as artist do feel stuck. This article allows you (the artist) to reflect on some possible changes that need to be made in your own career as a performer.

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      I’m glad you found it to be helpful. 🙂 I was hoping it could help inspire people who have felt the same way at some point. Wishing you all the best always.



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    Culture Records

    Very insightful and extraordinarily put together! Hope you continue to excel and find joy in your passions!

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