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Some lucky musicians already know they are well established, and it is simply a matter of continued growth! But for most artists in early and mid-level stages – this is one of the most common questions – and All Access IDA has answers. Are you in Category A: You’ve decided you will become a full time artist, and see your dream expand on a daily basis. But – that would mean letting go of your
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The nation is under a COVID-19 lockdown. Hardest hit was Los Angeles, which has over 2,000 recording studios all of whom were shut down. Then California gradually opened up for business, and quick as you could say, “Abra Cadabra” the state’s COVID-19 rate began skyrocketing up again, and Governor Gavin Newsom ordered the 2nd lockdown for almost all of California. The point being, that most recording studios are closed in the State of California, as
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So you are a musician and you are getting really serious about making this a career. Good for you, except are you ready for all that such a career entails? You just want to focus on music because it’s your passion, but you will soon find that in order to make money, get a record deal, sign with a recording studio, you will need a manager or a mentor. On top of that, you will
A common dilemma in a time where digital content is king is the “what the heck do I post?” process and overthinking.  Many young artists inquire whether the quality, song choices, length and type of content is appealing enough to attract new followers or sufficient engagement.  While all those factors are important to weigh out, they can hold you back from actually getting things done.  Sometimes, when it comes to online content creation, you just have to DO,
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Reputation, Personality, and Your Audience   Reputation is easy to tear down, and difficult to rebuild. As you work to build your brand value, it’s important to understand that how you interact with the public, followers of your music, can have far-reaching effects. Reputation is built on fundamental principles: active listening, being considerate of differences, and in the age of digital media – being an active voice in the marketing machine is key. The online
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Practice Makes Perfect: How to Easily Invest in Yourself as an Artist As an artist, you have your back against the wall — a wall that will take all of your resources to break through. Many artists don’t realize that to gain traction in the industry, attract fans and followers, and get noticed by industry insiders, their music and brand needs to be bold and equally important: authentic. Too many artists, especially indie artists, put