Your music career is about to be accelerated. You’ve taken the first step to learn more about All Access IDA and what we do to make recording artists, WINNERS.

Working with us during your development means guaranteed power and credibility in your career in a way that has changed the lives of many before you.

David Frangioni, founder of All Access IDA, will work with you one on one and give you access to our world class team that has received dozens of gold and platinum albums for their work with artists like Shakira, Elton John, Ozzy Osbourne, and many more.

Now YOU can have control of your career, growing your career to unprecedented heights, including, but not limited to:

  • Access to the IDA Label
  • World-Class Marketing and Promotion
  • Record Production: from Songwriting to Finished Master
  • Songwriting/Production Teams
  • Performance Coaching & Media Training
  • Time Management
  • Revenue Generation
  • Image Consulting, Styling
  • & More!


Artist development is the coaching effort put in to accelerate an artistic career. We offer a deep pool of experience which we will use to help you cut down the amount of time it will take to reach your goals. Our goal at IDA is to help you establish yourself as a full time artist, with a career that supports your life. And then to help you springboard to a nationwide or international campaign.

Our 3- step IDA process ensures that each goal and effort is uniquely tailored to you, and it includes:

Strategic Consulting

This is master strategy which will determine your primary goals. We will discuss specific events, artist collaborations, and record deals that get you excited. From there we determine introductions to key contacts, marketing goals and potential negotiation points, to detail the architecture of your 1-3 year accelerated strategy,

Technical Consulting

We’ll make sure you look and sound like a top tier performer. We’ve earned many platinum awards for our technical expertise in this arena – and we will help you with sound mastering, stage presence, song writing, and any technical aspects of music production.

Promotional Consulting

Whether we need to develop custom presentations for pitching VIPS, or develop large scale advertising campaigns to promote your music on major digital platforms – we will help make sure you are visible and competitive in your key market. Through branding, advertising, and influencer initiatives we’ll hammer out the best ways to monetize your existing fan base – and create paths for new fans to discover you.`