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Career Acceleration

Monetizing your music career takes focus, commitment, and talented individuals supporting you along the way. The team at IDA has decades of music industry experience, which we will use to help you reach your goals in the shortest amount of time possible.

Join us today – a collective of musicians, producers, and award-winning technicians – and accelerate your music career!

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The IDA Alliance

As part of the IDA Alliance you can connect any time with all your fellow IDA Alliance mastermind members, including our Founder David Frangioni and our executive team, in our private Facebook Group.

And we host weekly events focused on music promotion and business fundamentals, through our IDA “UNPLUGGED” experience. This weekly series will help you monetize your music, on every stage in your career.

Amplify Your Investment

Join the IDA Alliance for just $1/day, and get access to VIP guest speakers, special event topics, and exclusive content designed to amplify your music career.

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