June 24th 2016, I had the honor of leading a choir for Carl Palmer on the Emerson Lake and Palmer song “Jerusalem” during a concert showcasing the legacy of the iconic progressive rock band and honoring the life and career of the late, great Keith Emerson.  My first thought was the same as yours probably was: “How the hell did this Cuban-American kid from the Miami burbs (Kendall) end up with that gig?”  If you know anything
When you live only off of music, the grind can turn into day to day survival mode.  There’s an urgency that exists  when you don’t always know when the next job will be (or if it will be), and when the next paycheck is coming (when you don’t have to chase it down.) Even when you hit a big project, whether it be a tour or a big album project, every thing is a passing
8. SET A VISUAL TONE. Your images say a lot about you. Consider a uniform theme or color tone so your feed has an overall style that stands out and is your own. 7. INVEST IN YOUR EQUIPMENT. We know high quality cameras aren’t always affordable, but if there is any way to cut corners in other places to be able to get the latest phone or side camera for content within budget, then we suggest
In an age of talent competition reality shows and YouTube stars, the idea of becoming a famous entertainer can seem more enticing than ever. Especially if you’re the one in the family that everyone heralds as the one who can really “sing.”  Or, say you admire artists, or music, or have a natural ability to sing and/or play an instrument, and think, “Huh. This is pretty cool.” Cool it is, on the outside looking in: