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Find Webinar 1: Passion vs. Calling – The First Step Towards Success

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About the F3 Training Program

F3 is a proven, self-help style entrepreneurial approach to success in your music career and, ultimately, your life, which allows you to learn and grow at your own pace and budget while you FIND, FORGE, and FULFILL your goals. Below you can preview the first webinar in the F3 series, which includes a bonus printable 17 page booklet to use as a guide, reference, and progress journal.

In Chapter 1, part 1 of FIND (Passion vs. Calling), IDA co-founder, David Frangioni, and creative director, Liza Quin, take you through tried and true concepts of mindset, connecting or reconnecting with your passion and calling, and the practice of self awareness.  Also, learn useful terminology that will help you learn your business, set your goals, and start building your game plan for success.

About David: Frangioni was a poor kid in Boston with a passion for drumming and a natural knack for music technology. One day, that kid riding his drum kit around in his car that would stall at every light, made his 1st batch of business cards with just a name and a phone number. 35 years, several platinum albums and multiple multimillion dollar self-started business later, David is sharing his success methods with you. Learn more by downloading our VIP ACCESS program booklet.

How much experience is required? This course is for anyone from beginner to the seasoned professional looking to up their game.

Who should take this course?

  • Anyone with the desire to take their career to another level.
  • Anyone who wants to learn and be better at obtaining their dreams.
  • Anyone who feels the need to get “unstuck” in their music career and wants help getting on a guided path to success.

What am I going to get from this entire courseware?

  • ACCESS, GUIDANCE and EMPOWERMENT from industry professionals
  • The control and flexibility to learn at your own pace and budget (for the price of a couple cups of coffee a month)
  • Self awareness and self improvement tools
  • A pdf downloadable info booklet for you to chronicle your takeaway points and journal your process
  • The keys to entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial thinking as an artist
  • A game plan and strategy
  • Better understanding of digital branding, imaging and marketing for self promotion and follower growth
  • Tools for songwriters to better their craft and understand publishing and digital content


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