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The essential Music publishing course


Whether you’re a beginner or have some knowledge about music publishing, this is THE course you need to take today.  Prominent entertainment lawyer, Pierre Hachar, Jr., Esq will teach you to start making money from your music, understand publishing & how to manage it, know how & when to get a publisher, understand splits, sync rights and negotiations in order to take the right steps in your career.

  1. Intro to Music Publishing (Includes LLC vs CORP PDF download)
  2. The 100% vs. 200% Dilemma in Song Registration (includes PDF chart download)
  3. Sync Rights, Payouts, & Negotiation 
  4. Shopping for the Right Publishing Deal: People vs. Paper


  • What Publishing is and how it works
  • Setting up your publishing company
  • Understanding streaming, performance, and mechanical royalties today
  • How to choose a Performing Rights Organization
  • Shopping a Publishing Deal
  • How money is split on a 100 vs 200% registration
  • Sync licensing splits, negotiations & MFN

Language: English                Instructor: Pierre Hachar, Jr., Esq.

Get Lifetime Access                    Duration: 40 mins of content


Pierre Hachar, Jr., Esq. is a Florida Attorney, concentrating his practice in Entertainment, with a particular focus on the Latin market. He is the founder of The Hachar Law Firm, P.A., and is the recipient of the 2012 Entertainment Lawyer of the year award by FREC (Florida’s Film Recording & Entertainment Counsel). He has, and currently represents, top charting, Latin Grammy and Grammy award winning artists and entertainment professionals in the music industry, currently representing the longest # 1 billboard-charting artist in Latin music history.

He continues to write, manage and produce records with his team. He currently manages the #1 Venezuelan recording artist TREO, and has struck major deals with the group through strategic management. His representation gained them a Latin Grammy nomination in 2013, and their last single went to #1 on the Tropical Billboard Charts in August of 2014. His roster of clients at the firm make up the next generation of music makers in the Latin music industry, with deals stemming from multinational record deals, lead roles in nickelodeon, to Hollywood.  His latest milestone includes closing the biggest publishing deal in Latin music history between hit producer/songwriter Maffio and BMG Latino. WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW!

Hachar has been an invited guest speaker at the Florida International University School of Law, to speak to law students on different revenue streams available to the artist in todays music business model. Before founding his law firm, he represented under the title of Business Affairs, the estates of legendary artist and 7 time Grammy award winning Celia Cruz, and the Israel Lopez “Cachao” estate.

video courtesy of @Maffio