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IDA Records was born from IDA – Inspire & Develop Artists: a company dedicated to artist development and extensive label services.  It was only natural that IDA would offer a comprehensive 360-degree solution for progressive modern artists.


For the self-funded project – we provide exactly what you need: the expert team & resources. Now YOU can have control of your career, growing your career to unprecedented heights, including, but not limited to:

  • Access to the IDA Label, part of WEA / ADA
  • World-Class Marketing and Promotion
  • Record production from songwriting to finished master
  • Elite Songwriting/Production teams
  • Performance Coaching & Media Training
  • Social Media, Digital Marketing, Website
  • Image Consulting, Styling and more…


Most labels don’t have the time nor the resources to provide artist development.  IDA takes a different and unique approach.  IDA combines a powerful network of professionals and specialized coaching services to deliver the best artist development for your goals.  IDA saves you time while getting you to your goals in the shortest period of time possible.