When Do I Go Full Time As a Musician?

When Do I Go Full Time As a Musician?

Some lucky musicians already know they are well established, and it is simply a matter of continued growth!

But for most artists in early and mid-level stages – this is one of the most common questions – and All Access IDA has answers.

Are you in Category A:
You’ve decided you will become a full time artist, and see your dream expand on a daily basis. But – that would mean letting go of your more regular work. And you play everywhere they’ll let you; weddings, play at sweet sixteens, play at your church’s weekend dance. No matter where, and no matter the gig, you go. And money is still hard to come by!

If the answer is Category A, don’t be ashamed about it. As long as you are getting regular gigs for decent money, then the time for you to go full-time as a musician is approaching – but you’re not yet there yet.

Or Category B:
You’ve established a reputation and earn enough money to survive from your work with music, with some small but reasonable savings.

If this is the case – jump full time into the artistic arena as soon as possible- even if it’s not always your own. Follow the examples of Michael Jackson, John Lennon, Elton John, Ed Sheeran, Shawn Mendes, and others. Go on the road and be a back-up singer/player to somebody better and more successful than you. Continue to practice your work and learn from the best around you while you go. There is simply no better experience than being on the road and learning your craft with some of the best.

EITHER WAY –  invest in yourself, and your artist development.

You need individual and group experience. And you also want to set up an LLC and manage your art like a business, to establish strong and reliable revenues. And to that extent it is tough for any one person to do anything, and help from mentors and fellow artists, peer support, is crucial to your success!

We recommend joining the All Access IDA artist alliance – or book a private consultation with us.