The Content Creation “Overthinking” Dilema

The Content Creation “Overthinking” Dilema

A common dilemma in a time where digital content is king is the “what the heck do I post?” process and overthinking.  Many young artists inquire whether the quality, song choices, length and type of content is appealing enough to attract new followers or sufficient engagement.  While all those factors are important to weigh out, they can hold you back from actually getting things done.  Sometimes, when it comes to online content creation, you just have to DO, and the other stuff will follow.

Yes, it’s true that more current songs will likely get you more attention.  For those of you who don’t feel like you identify with some of the current popular hits, don’t stress out.  It’s not going to make you a “sell-out” to cover one of these tunes.  If anything, it will expand and showcase your creativity by taking it and making it your own.

Another concern that we hear about sometimes is quality.  Is the video good enough? Is the audio on point? Of course we’ve stressed the importance of putting your best foot forward at all times, but, again, if this is what’s stopping you from being consistently engaging, then sacrifice the quality a bit for the time being and just get something done.

Start by documenting your process.  Expose the sides of you that make you interesting, and human…that make you “tick” as an artist.  With enough trial and error you can start to gauge what people get wrapped up in, and, from there, be able to keep delivering, each time more efficiently and with better quality, the things that provide value to your audience.  Remember, if they feel you’re delivering value, they will invest in you.

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