Artist Feature: Six Things About Sosa

Meet Sosa, the Pittsburgh native with a smooth flow, and conscious lyric style.  We found @Sosa412 on Instagram after he tagged us for a chance at our #SpotlightSaturday feature.  After checking out some killer freestyles and laid-back-cool video content that caught our attention, we decided to ask him a few questions about some of his goals, struggles and hustle tactics in this modern day music business and hip hop culture.  Through the interview, we discovered he has a great attitude, is quite business savvy, and has a refreshing transparency.  So, in this latest artist feature here are six things about Sosa we feel you should get to know right now:

Artist Name: Sosa412 (Sharing With Others Soulful Avenues)
Location: Pittsburgh, Pa 
Style Of Music: Hip Hop/Rap


AllAccess: Hi Sosa.  You mentioned that Sosa stands for “S.haring With O.thers S.oulful A.venues.” How did the acronym for your name come about and what message is it trying to convey to your audience?

SOSA: The biggest message i aim to push to my audience is that their preferences are most important to me as I create my material; I pride myself in saying I’m a very diverse artist and the goal is to make music for everybody, whether you need a club record for the weekend or a song that comes from the heart, I make music to satisfy everybody.

AllAccess: What do you feel is the biggest hurdle you face as an independent artist in 2017 and beyond?

SOSA: I can say in 2017, the biggest hurdle for me as a indy artist is the financial obligations you have to commit to for you to survive in this industry but at the same time it is a situation that I’ve learned to manage better in my 5 years since i began to take music seriously. Its very hard at times to control and invest in your career when u have real life responsibilities and sometimes it can be tough, but if you are willing to make the sacrifices and stay focused on your goals and dreams anything is possible.

AllAccess: Where do you see yourself in the next five years and what is it you’re planning to do to get there?

SOSA: In the next 5 years, I plan to be on another level, from the music I’m making to accomplishing the goals I set for myself everyday I wake up. Not only me, but the team I’m a part of, ODH (Overly Dedicated Hustle), we are a strong group of individuals that not only motivate each other to succeed, but we also all equally are striving to be the best in whatever we set our minds to and hope to accomplish.

AllAccess: How has the evolution of hip-hop affected your style on a mainstream level?

SOSA: The evolution of hip hop over the years hasn’t really affected me personally as I aim to stay original to the sound I created for myself when I first began to rap, but at the same time it has made me more open to what the people enjoy, and I take everything that is going on in the game and interpret it in my own style at the same time; it’s all about becoming a better artist but staying true to yourself as you grow.

AllAccess: If you had an unlimited budget for your project, how would you spend it?

SOSA: If I had an unlimited budget for music the main thing I’m doing is not only investing in myself, but sharing the budget with my team also; they have been there for me in many rough moments along the way in my career and everyone around me has a dream so It’s only right to grind and support the ones that I love.

AllAccess: What advice do you give to younger hip-hop artists who are trying to come up in the game?

SOSA: If I could give any advice to any younger artists on the come up the 3 things would be, 1. Save your money and have a budget intact to support you, 2. Have a solid team to work with and 3. To never give up on your dream no matter what people have to say about it! As long as you stick by those 3 principles you will one day be successful. – Sosa412 

Special thanks to @Sosa412 for the interview and for sharing his story with us. Make sure you tag us on social media @AllAccessIDA for a chance to be our next #SaturdaySpotlight!

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