Music Business Success Mindset – Passion vs. Calling

Passion + calling both stem from a strong feeling about something.  However, understanding the difference between the two can really help you achieve your goals.  Remember, it’s not enough to feel a certain way about something.  It won’t convert into an accomplished goal without getting a result.  That’s why it’s important, when working on your success mindset in the music business, to understand how your passion and calling aren’t always the same, and that’s OK.

David Frangioni and Liza in the studio discussing music business mindset

Passion is defined as a strong fondness or enthusiasm toward something.  Calling, however, is strong urge toward a particular way of life or career.  Seems similar, right? Well, they are, but let’s use the example of IDA Co-founder, David Frangioni to explain a little further how they can differ.  As a kid, David always had a passion for playing the drums.  Yet, it was his natural knack for mastering music technology that created a demand for his skill and started his first on-call midi-tech business with just a business card and word-of-mouth promo. This then led to a long stint as in-house engineer and technologist for Aerosmith, and later to founding one of the largest multi-million dollar custom smart home automation and integration companies.  This doesn’t mean he gave up on his passion, though.  David has gone on to play drums alongside famous prog-rock drummer Carl Palmer, among others.  What this means is that he found a niche he could capitalize on and used that strength to gain the wealth and leverage he needed to live out his passion.

David Frangioni in Ozzy Osbourne's home studio built by David

Sometimes, understanding your calling can help you to live out your passion.  It’s also important to understand that when you have a genuine calling carried out with good intentions, you are also working toward something greater that has a broader ripple effect. Remember that even if your results don’t occur in the order in which you initially expected, being able to make a living doing what you love leads to fulfillment, which leads to your ultimate happiness.   Isn’t that really what it’s all about?  We dive further into this discussion with David in our webinar.  Catch the full 30 mins HERE and check out a preview below: