10 Ways You Know You’re Ready & Willing to Make Music Your Career (& your life)

In an age of talent competition reality shows and YouTube stars, the idea of becoming a famous entertainer can seem more enticing than ever. Especially if you’re the one in the family that everyone heralds as the one who can really “sing.”  Or, say you admire artists, or music, or have a natural ability to sing and/or play an instrument, and think, “Huh. This is pretty cool.” Cool it is, on the outside looking in: The lights, the fans, the tour buses. But, are you willing to take on the blood, sweat, and tears required to live the lifestyle?  (Lifestyle being an accurate description of what it actually is. It’s not a “job.” No 9am-5pm mindsets allowed here.  Here are a few ways to know you’re “in it to win it.”

10. You don’t mind putting work before any birthday, gathering, outing, vacation, anniversary, or leisure activity of any sort.

9.  You have zero problem staying up through the night to get a song idea done and out before somebody else does.

8.  You’re willing to put in countless hours of practice to be the best you can be.

7. You spend 95% of your life in a studio, at a rehearsal, jam, gig, photoshoot, on social media or writing songs.

6.  You spend all your money on gear and wardrobe for shows.

5.  You never know what day of the week it is because the workweek and weekends don’t exist for you.

4.  You’re cool with everyone’s reckless, know-it-all criticisms and opinions of you and your work.

3.  You can’t remember ever having a normal night’s sleep and that’s cool.

2.  You’re ok with not always knowing when or where your next paycheck is coming from, almost always chasing after your money, and you can make the last $20 in your account go pretty far..

1.  You don’t believe in days off.

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